Social media Marketing

That focuses on sales not likes
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Our Easy, All-in-one Approach

We keep things easy. Our social media marketing team puts together social media networks into one plan based on conversion data, research, and your goals.

We’ll also manage ALL of your campaigns with one single fee

The Secret Sauce

The Reason Businesses Love Ignite Fame

We are marketing & advertising experts effective at assisting your small business or franchise to fulfill & exceed its goal. We have more than 5 years of real campaign experience and provide exclusive social media marketing services, marketing consultations & advertising direction, execution, media production, e-commerce & web design, print and a great deal more. This is new-age marketing for the modern world.

We find success by accelerating follower growth, while using the right content/meta-data & developing a brand message that your target audience will love. We cover all thins social media marketing and offer analytics and insight about the latest shifts in trends. We can easily create fun-actively engaging-grabbing campaigns that tell your story in a creative way.

Monthly Management Includes

Not for everyone - it's for the sophisticated business owner

Daily management your businesses Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,Linkedin pages

Upload Content; Pics & Videos

Content Creation, Photography, Graphic Design, Videography

Post constant updates on your Social Media's feed. A minimum of 1 update/day. 5 days/week, & at times 2-4 updates if there are other things to be promoted

A minimal of 30 content post per month

Engage with social media users, manage comments & delete spam

Monthly or weekly reports analytics

Instagram Geo targeted growth automation

Media Day generating Min.30 Images per month

Unlimited access to powerlikes network.

Social Media by the Numbers

Over 1 %
of all companies are now marketing on social media. If you aren’t then, now is the time to get started
0 %
of social media users use mobile devices to access their accounts
Over 0 %
Of the people on social media are using it for more than just sharing updates about their live
7 Out of 10
people have at least one social media profile

What to Expect?

Strategic Planning: We begin by learning your business & ideal customers, so that success on your social media platforms is clearly laid out

Content creation: We tell your story on your terms but in a way that sets you apart from your competition

Scheduling & execution: We firmly believe that consistency is the key to creating a highly engaging audience. Build your audience and use the swipe up feature to give that audience the ability to activate on your calls to action.

Analytics: Relax & feel confident knowing that you are reaching your prime clients with advanced reporting and analytics. Elevate your business recognition beyond the competition.

Use the Power of Social Media to boost your sales

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